Monday, December 6, 2010

Performance: Entwined

Entwined is a performance of hair giving. It was performed on November 19 (the Friday before Thanksgiving) with a group I have worked with as a Healing Artist for approximately a year and a half. To bound our relationship even tighter, I offered everyone in the group a lock of hair they could cut off and keep as a memento of me and a passing on of power.

Above: We are discussing Victorian traditions of hair saving, exchanging and hair work. In some cultures and stories the sharing of hair is a sharing of power. Hair is also significant as a part of the body which will not rot.

Reading 19th century sayings such as "when this lock of hair you do see, think of me."

Above: A selection is made from the nape of the neck.

Above: A participant gives me a lock of their hair.

Photography courtesy of Crystal Owens.

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Southern Woman Via Indiana said...

I love this post. That day when you asked all of us to participate in such an intimate exchange aws a great bonding of the class! Thanks for this memory! Love ya Em.
PS I love your bidness Card! LOL