Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reenacting Marvin Zindler

Historic reenactments are underway based on flamboyant Houston news icon Marvin Zindler's criminal photography from the 1950's! Reenactments are taking place around Houston this spring and summer with several sessions in July at the Museum of Printing History where his photography from the 1950's is on view.

Please contact me at 713-582-1198 or or leave a comment here if you would like more information or to participate.

Thank you!


Robert Boyd said...

Can I be part of the Chicken Ranch reenactment?

Emily Sloan said...

I'll be in touch with logistics on that one!

Makenzie said...

I want to participate!! And dena will too!!

Emily Sloan said...

Makenzie and Dena,

I have just the shoot for you!