Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Specific Arrangements

These specifically arranged artworks use pattern, arrangement, and sequence to uncover and at times cover the possibilities and options that we strive to keep at our disposal and life. Is choice presented or fear of a final decision avoided?

The artworks are moveable and can be repositioned. This flexible quality permits the works to be arranged in a particular and unique way every time they are presented. The potential for reinvention and discovery by both others and myself is inherent in the artwork, thus provoking creative thought and granting a participatory quality that otherwise would not be possible. People are encouraged to engage the works as they are displayed; as well as to immerse themselves mentally in the richly variable possibilities of the artworks’ contained potential. This gives the pieces the characteristic of being collectively created and recreated. Democratically, other people are given an opportunity similar to my own of considering the arrangement of the work, thus establishing a direct line of communication between myself, others and object.

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