Thursday, January 11, 2007

Unhinging the Distant / CSAW

Write up by Kathryn Kelley (Dec. 2006):
The show, Unhinging the Distant, includes recent MFA graduates and soon to graduate emerging artists, Doug Cason, Woody Golden, Leslie Magdaleno and Emily Sloan. Curated by Kathryn Kelley.
Dredged archives of near history become the source material for these artists. We are drawn close by strangely intimate narratives that emerge from the altered objects as they are unhinged from the past. Your inclination will be to touch and know. Ponder as you will, but no touching please.
Emily Sloan, recognized in PaperCity this month, works sculpturally back and forth between the representational and the abstract. In both cases, the narrative does not stand still. Emily’s work either is affixed to or references the antiquated and is highly tactile in nature.


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