Friday, May 27, 2011

Zarvin Mindler at the Art Car Parade

Zarvin Mindler visits the Houston Art Car Parade 2011 to support this amazing Houston event and share appreciation to the Art Car Artists for their dedicated work!

Above: Meow for the pick-up pussy, THUNDERPUSS! (A La Chicana Laundry Production expertly crafted by and Richard Solis and Henry Lozano.)

Greeting and thanking Stephanie Saint Sanchez for her dedication to (you-guessed-it) picking up pussy! Thanks for looking after those that stray!

Wow! Zarvin really liked this style of wearing underwear as outwear! It's contagious!!

Zarvin greeting Karen Olds with Bubbles LaRue!

Zarvin with Bonnie Blue! Bonnie, the Rock Lady, organized a group of over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders in support of breast cancer survivors! She rocks!

Zarvin with the breast cancer survivor group. Some in the group decided to refer to Zarvin as "Dr. Zarvin" due to the clean white suit!

Zarvin taken for a ride.

Bonnie Blue sharing the wealth of pink beads.

Rochelle's view...

Bonnie in mirror.

Bonnie's husband on a bike. Check out that crowd! A fabulous turn-out!

More amazing cars:

Special thanks to Bonnie Blue and Women Who Rock!

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Ellsworth Mciltrot said...

That looks like a fun event! It's great that there's so much variation when it comes to art cars. The zany designs are a great source of entertainment and inspiration.