Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zarvin Mindler: Public Appearance at PODA (Portable On Demand Art)

Thursday, May 19, 2011: Zarvin Mindler makes a public apprearance at PODA (Portable On Demand Art) at Discovery Green! PODA is a project of Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) as part of the American Association of Museums 2011 Annual Meeting and MuseumExpo.

Above: Zarvin at large.

Zarvin deciphering Aerosol Warfare Codes.

Zarvin peeking-in-a-pod. (Jillian Conrad)

Zarvin shaking hand with a man in a striped shirt.

Zarvin spots a fourth PODA titled "Box of Curiosities". There are also whispers of it curiously being referred to as Box 13...Is this to throw Zarvin off?

Zarvin shakes hand of man in blue shirt.

Zarvin horrified that the alcoholic refreshments have been depleted.

Special thanks to: Emily Link, Dean Liscum and Alex Tu.

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